I’m so glad that you’re here. I am all about building real relationships so we can get to know each other, so here’s my story.

I’m so glad that you’re here. I am all about building real relationships so we can get to know each other, so here’s my story.

I'm a business mentor for online coaches who are ready to make consistent $5K and $10K months in their businesses. I specialize in helping passionate, heart centered women raise their prices, close more high ticket sales, show up confidently on social media, and work with dream clients.

It was only a few months before I started my online fitness coaching business that I was working 3 jobs, slaving away for 12 hours a day, barely being able to pay my rent or get by. I was massively depressed, having daily panic attacks, and I knew that I wasn’t living out my purpose.

One day, on my way home from a job I hated, with tears in my eyes, I decided I was done. I made the decision to quit all of my jobs, move to a new city, and follow my passion as an online fitness coach.

I took out a loan for $6,000 and invested in my first mastermind to help me make this dream become my reality.

When I first started my business, I was charging low ticket offers, struggling to get people interested in my program, or ready to buy from me. I felt like I was doing everything right. I was showing up online, I was making it affordable and available to everyone, and still...I was getting crickets.

For 60 days, I tried every strategy in the book. I found what tactics worked, and what didn’t. Then 2 months into my business, I decided that I was going to try selling high ticket offers, and see what happens. My business started to explode!

I started studying how to show up in my power online. I started trying out different types of content to see what did the best with my audience. I started crafting up my offer and making sure that it was absolutely irresistible to my ideal client. I made sure I knew who I was talking to, and what I was able to offer to her.

It was just 3 months into my business that I was signing consistent $5K and $7K months . . .

. . . working with dream clients who were motivated and excited to work with me, and all of a sudden, I had a full client roster, with a full time income. It felt like a dream come true. 

Now I teach women how to find the same success as I did. I mentor my clients and show them first hand how to become an expert at their craft, how to build an irresistible offer, how to charge high ticket, and how to have consistent income online. 

Are you ready to take the leap and start closing more sales online?

Find out how to work with me here!


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Diversity + Inclusion

Inside of the Courtney Blue brand, we are committed to creating and cultivating the most warm and welcoming environment, for women of all color, from all backgrounds, and of all ethnicities. We are passionate about guiding all women into building a business that lifts women up together as a whole, and embraces everyone’s differences. 

We believe that there is room for everyone at the top, and we are committed to helping every one of our clients and employees succeed in reaching their goals.

Some ways that we practice diversity and inclusion are by donating to charities, signing petitions online, donating clothes and food to communities around us, and by making sure we are spreading a positive message to our audience about how to get involved in anti-racism efforts.

We are relatively new to learning about how to become a diverse, and anti-racism, brand, but we are committed to doing whatever it takes to make sure that women, and men, of all colors, genders and backgrounds succeed in reaching their goals.

1. My soul belongs outside, immersed in nature. If you ever need me, check outside, and chances are I'll be laying in the grass with no shoes on, and my face in the sunshine.


2. I am a very straight shooter. If I notice that you are holding yourself back from your full potential, I will not let it slide. I’m here to be your coach and help you grow. If you’re looking for someone who is just going to hold your hand and tell you what you want to hear, then I'm not your girl.


3. I scaled my fitness coaching business in under a year to having a full client roster for both one on one and my group program, while also bringing in consistent $10K and $12K months. Now I teach you how to do the same thing. Hello dream job.


4. I’m from Boston, and your girl likes to swear. It’s a form of passion for me. So if you become a client, be ready for a few f bombs here and there.


5. I’m obsessed with all things personal development. If we work together, I promise you that you will leave our time together as a completely new, stronger, more confident woman than when you came in.

6. My dog and my fiance are the two loves of my life. My fiance and I started dating when I was 15, and now we are getting married on our 10 year anniversary. I asked to sit next to him on the bus, and he asked me to be his wife. We have created the best, most beautiful life together.


7. Fuzzy blankets, candles, and good vibey music are a must for me at all times.


8. I’m a content creating queen. I’ve mastered how to show up online and build trust with your audience, all while being yourself. I will help you uncover your gifts so we can share them with the world.


9. My nickname is Blue because I’m the only family member with blue eyes, and it’s been my nickname since I was born. Now the color has been a staple in my life, it makes me feel calm and collected, yet strong and powerful.


10. If we choose to work together, I will not let you fall. My clients get 150% of my energy and attention. You are my top priority. I will be here to guide you every step of the way, to hold your hand, and also kick you in the ass when you need it. You better be ready to level up, to shift, and to create a life that sets your soul on fire.