Are you ready to scale your business to $10K months and beyond?

Calling all health and fitness coaches who are ready to scale to $10k months, and sell out their coaching programs with ease. Is this you?

In just 90 days, I will help you completely transform your business, and bank account.

In just 90 days, I will teach you exactly how I went from selling $80 programs here and there, to selling out my coaching program for $1200 per client consistently every month. Now it's my turn to help you!


 You’ve been a fitness coach for 3 to 6 months, and you’re sitting in the friend zone with your audience, struggling with just being #inspirational

 You’re struggling to bring in consistent income, and just keep staring at your computer wondering “what am I doing wrong?”

 You’re making around $3k to $5k a month, but you know that you are ready for more

 You’re posting all the time, but hearing crickets in return

 You check your application constantly, but no one is begging to work with you

 You keep trying everyone’s “best strategies” but nothing is working for you



Checking your DMs and having potential clients reaching out about your program

Getting PayPal notifications in your sleep 

Raising your prices and still selling out your programs 

Crafting multiple incredible offers so you can serve your audience fully, and start generating more cash inside of your business

Feeling confident knowing how much money you are set to bring in the next month, and knowing how to make more money if you want it


In just 90 days, I will teach you exactly how I went from selling $80 programs here and there, to selling out my coaching program for $1200 a piece consistently every month. Inside of my one on one coaching program, I will be your right hand woman so you receive the highest level of support, and accountability inside of your business.

My one on one coaching clients get customized and individualized support with me to ensure they start scaling their income online, and helping more people in their business. This is for the coach who is already making some money online, but knows she is made for more.

She is ready to start making those 5 figure months, and selling out her program. She is ready to have applications coming in left and right, having people begging to work with her. She is ready to develop multiple offers and start expanding her product suite. She knows that she is ready to seriously scale her business, and she is ready to do whatever it takes.


Hey babe! I’m your coach, Courtney Blue. I’m an online business coach and I help passionate health coaches sign high ticket clients, and make massive impact and income online.

I built my own fitness coaching business to 6 figures without any paid ads, or sleazy marketing tactics. I went from selling $80 programs and making $500 a month in my business, to selling out my high ticket programs, and scaling to 5 figure months.

Now, I am consistently bringing in $15K-$20K months online, working with dream clients, taking random days off, getting my clients results everyday, and getting paypal notifications in my sleep.

I remember being where you are today. I know how exciting it feels to see your business start to take off. You’re making some money in your business now, you are selling one on one programs, but you’re ready for more. You’re ready to take your business to the next level. You’re ready to scale to your first $10K month, and beyond....

Business doesn’t have to feel hard, uncomfortable, and frustrating. Business should feel exciting, aligned, and like you know exactly what to do to make more money in your business. I’ve spent the last 2.5 years investing in my business so I could scale my business, and now teach you how to do the same.

When we start working together, it’s like we’re dating. I become completely involved in your business, and will hold your hand in helping you reach that next level you know you were made for. What makes me different as a coach is that I know we need to master both the soul, and the strategy needed to scale your business. I will help you overcome your limiting beliefs that are holding you back from scaling to that next level, help you step into your power online, and also learn how to develop your product suite, raise your prices, and become a fully functioning business.

My one on one coaching program is for dedicated, passionate health coaches, of all colors and backgrounds, who are serious about building a 6 figure coaching business online. If this is you, go ahead and apply to see if this is the right fit.


 You’re ready to stand out online so you can sell out your coaching program

 You’re ready to make more consistent, real income online inside of your business

 You’re ready to become irresistible to your clients online, and have constant inquiries to work with you

 You’re committed to pushing yourself over the next 90 days together so we can scale your business and bring you to the next level


How to create content online that converts your audience members to high ticket paying clients

How to create a diverse product suite so you can develop multiple offers that serve your audience, and inject more cash into your business

The top mindsets and beliefs you need to embody to get to the next level in your business

The best strategies on how to become a slaying sales queen and start closing 80% of your sales calls

How to develop your authority and confidence online so you’re looked at as THE COACH your ideal client wants to work with

Raise your prices and feel confident in what you offer

And so much more!


Weekly Calls

Weekly zoom calls where you get live coaching with Courtney answering all of your questions, and holding you accountable

Guest Experts

Top 6 figure expert guest speakers giving your their best tips and strategies to growing your business online

Unlimited Support

Unlimited support via a Voxer chat answering all of your questions on the daily, so you never feel confused, or left behind

Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to the Instagram Accelerator course and the Wealthy Coach Academy video modules so you are constantly learning and implementing new strategies in your business


A high level support group and community so you can network and connect with other like-minded women who will be by your side every step of the way



Goal Setting + Foundations of Success

Get clear and grounded in your goals for the mastermind so you can show up with excitement, and commitment to making these dreams become a reality

Identifying Your Ideal Client + Nailing Down Your Niche

Understand who you can deliver a life changing transformation to so you can start speaking directly to her problems in your content, and become the coach she is dying to work with

Content That Converts

Learn the best strategies for creating content that actually turns your audience members from your biggest cheerleaders, to your highest paying customers

Organic Relationship Building

Practice the best strategies in 2020 for building real relationships online without feeling scammy, awkward, or pushy



Feel confident in how to show up online to attract dream clients to work with you?

Craft an irresistible offer that speaks directly to your ideal client and makes you the only coach she wants to work with?

Master sales calls so you can feel confident and empowered in charging high ticket for your program?

Scale your business to $5k and $10k months and beyond so you can help more people and have more financial freedom in your life?